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—->THIS AUDIO IS 48mins LONG, so better get comfortable<—-

This Inner Game audio comes from a guy called Vince Kelvin, a dating/seduction coach or “MPUA” (Master Pick Up Artist for those of you who are just entering/knowing about the seduction community and love the early days acronyms).

Vince is often considered as one of the “dirtiest” coaches around the world, but don’t let that word mislead you, because actually his level of experience on the community it’s pretty awesome and while I’m not his biggest fan, I truly respect some of the stuff he teaches.

In this recording Vince talks about one of the most important things to have a healthy Inner Game: GRATITUDE. A universal value which most of the time is totally forgotten, so forgotten that actually we truly think and believe we practice it every day, but we don’t.

Now, this stuff is not for everyone, I mean, don’t get me wrong, of course anyone can hear it, but most people are gonna think of it as a one of those “Bullshit self-improvement audios”, so, you’re gonna need to have some level of experience about the topic to truly understand the deepness and importance of gratitude. If this audio moves your feelings, congrats! you’re in the right path and doing the right things to be more successful on your relationships with the people around you and of course, with women, but most importantly, you’re growing up as a better human being. Enjoy!



Wanna know more about Vince Kelvin? check his FB and TW pages.